Arielle Zamba shorei kempo karate-ta, Sho Shin Kan dojo - 洸Larry Zamba

The Sho Shin Kan Karate and Martial Arts school in Kenosha, Wisconsin is dedicated to developing the mind, body and spirit of each karate student who honors us with their presence. Students learn Shorei Kempo Karate, as well as a mixture of other martial arts including Aikido and Jujitsu. Our school is not a competition sport school. Training is based on real life self-defense needs and the personal harmony that comes from striving towards perfecting their martial arts.

We all start out as white belts, and for every karate or martial arts student, the path to success is always the same. Training by qualified instructors, the discipline to practice, and time. Technique is more important than size, strength or age. Hang in there, and you will see amazing results and have fun in the process.


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