The name ''Sho Shin Kan'' and the red Japanese kangi (characters) on the left side means ''House of the Open Mind.'' The white lotus flower is the symbol of a purity of mind, which rises out of the mud to become a beautiful flower.

Sho Shin Kan dojo logo
Sho shin Kan dojo logo

Welcome to the Sho Shin Kan karate dojo, where we teach Shorei Kempo karate. The Shorei Kempo style, is a combination of hard and soft styles of Okinowan karate. Shorei Kempo is an eclectic art which has in the past has been refered to as Shorei Ryi and/or Shorei Goju Ryu. According to Hanshi Phillip Koeppel, ''some of the applications are a little different but the basic principles upon which all techniques out of Okinawan te - it's a white crane influence out of China.'' (1)

Shorei Kempo was brought to Kenosha in 1968 by the late Reverend William Foster, who originally was exposed to Chinese boxing in the 1937 while stationed as a Marine in Shanghai, China.

Reverend Foster had learned Shorei Ryu from Hanshi Phillip Koeppel in 1960 in Peoria, He also learned from the late Grandmaster Robert A. Trias, who was stationed in the British Solomon Islands, Okinawa, and Japan. Robert Trias began teaching karate out of his house in 1945, and founded the US Karate Association in 1948.

When Reverend Foster moved to Kenosha, Wisconsin he began developed Shorei Kempo karate the Kenosha Youth Foundation from 1968 until shortly before his passing in 1994.

Our school is a member of the Yin Yang Do Karate Association which was officially founded in Kenosha, Wisconsin by the late Reverend William H. Foster in 1973. In addition, the Sho Shin Kan dojo is also affiliated with the United States Karate Do Kai, and the Kon Kondo No Sho Kai.

Reverend William H. Foster

Rev. William H. Foster, 1970's

Reverend Foster by the Kemper Center in Kenosha. (Photographer unknown)

Our school was founded in August of 2009, the brainchild of Patrick Weyand. He enlisted the help of his friends and fellow instructors Senseis Tony Pontillo, Tom Tenuta, Jason Rasch, and Scott Otter to aid in the teaching.