Has been a Kenosha resident for the majority of his life. Patrick Weyand was raised in a military family, his father served 30 years in the United States Marine Corps. Weyand Sensei was exposed to judo at a young age and formally began his martial training in 1996 in the art of Shorei Kempo karate.

In 2005 he began his training in the Art of Aikido under Charles Tseng Sensei with Lake County Aikikai and the Aikdio Schools of Usheba. In addition to aikido in 2007 Weyand Sensei has had the opportunity to begin training in Shuri-Te Jujitsu under the direction of Joseph Pounder Renshi, Troy Price Shihan.

Weyand Sensei believes in having an open mind to training, and not to favor just one style of martial art. He believes that all of these styles intertwine. He has had the opportunity to Have attended numerous seminars put on by Hanshi Koeppel, Hanshi Abele, and Hanshi Sanders.

In 2009 he was able to attend the world traditional Karate do championships in Okinawa where he had the honor to met, and attend many seminars with top notch instructors. Most recently he attended the Jeff Speakman international training camp in 2010 where Weyand Sensei was able to get a taste of American Kenpo.

Rasch Sensei, was born in Kenosha and has resided there for most of his life. Beginning at the age of 9, he was introduced to the martial arts and began his training in the art of Karate which he continues to practice today. Rasch Sensei feels the art of karate has very instrumental in developing him into humble and respectful person as well as him maintaining a healthy body. Teaching the art of Karate for Rasch Sensei is very self-rewarding. He enjoys being able to pass on the same benefits he received onto others as they prepare for the future.

''My journey in the arts began decades ago when I began taking traditional Tae Kwon Do and Judo classes. Eventually, I joined a group doing traditional Shorei Kempo in Kenosha, where I met Pat Weyand, Tony Pontillo, Jason Rasch and Scott Otter, all now Black Belts themselves. My training was supplemented by some people I met on the West Coast; it was strictly military type training without it being specific to any martial arts style.''

Sensei Tenuta continues, ''Their entire focus was to disable the opponent before they disabled you.''

''I am helping at the Sho Shin Kan dojo because I truly enjoy sharing what I have learned with others, and find an easier path through their life's journey, wherever it may lead them.''

Patrick Weyand, Sandan

Tom Tenuta, Sandan

Jason Rausch, Sandan