Paris Zamba, karate-ka -洸Larry Zamba, 2012

Every martial art has different advancement requirements. Testing at Sho Shin Kan for rank advancement comes often at the end of every 8 week session, however, it will not occur for everyone. Advancement is based on the discretion of the Sensei, student knowledge, time involved with the arts, and attendance.

Traditionally in the Far East, there were no colored belts to differentiate rank or time spent training in the art. Traditionally white belts were issued and after years of training, falling, sweat, dirt, the white belt would turn darker and darker. This resulted in the color succession of belts. The colored belts in most schools start as a light color and continue on to darker colors. However, once the arts were modernized, the different colored belts were created, in order to incentivize an individual's advancement in the art.

Stances: Front, Back, Cat, Horse, Horse stance toes pointed at a 45 degree angle

Blocks: Inside, Outside, Rising, Down

Kicks: Front, Side, Round House, Back

Kata: Omoto Ten, Neko Budo Shodon, Shorei One

Waza: Geri Waza 1 & 2,Taezu-Naru Waza 1

Kogecki - 1 & 2

Ukeme: Foward Roll, back, side

Additional: Sensei History, Dojo Etiquette, Tameshiwara (one board break)

White - Ku Kyu 8th Kyu

Karate Orange Belt - 洸Larry Zamba, 2012

Green - Rokukyu 6th Kyu

Blocks: Hook, Wrist Joint Block

Kata: Sanchin Kata, Shorei Ni, Pinan Ich, Neko Buto Ich, National Dance, Gaki Sai Ich, Tai Ich Gedan

Waza: Geri Waza 3 & 4 Taezu-Naru Waza 2, Open and closed hand tension wazas

Kogecki - 3 & 4

Kumite: Understanding of 3 step sparring, Ippon Kumite, Slow Speed Kumite

Additional: Introduction to foot sweeps, tripping and joint locks

Blue - Gokyu 5th kyu

Kata: Neko Buto Ni, Neko Buto San, Neko Buto 12, Pinan Ni, Pinan San, Shorei San, O'Sensei Foster Stick/Can Kata, Ten Ryu No Kun

Waza: Geri Waza 5 & 6

Kogecki: 5 & 6

Kumite: Introduction to hip and shoulder throws

Purple - Yonkyu 4th Kyu

Kata: Anaku, Saifia, Neko Buto 4 & 5, Pinan 4, Shorei 4 & 5, Bo Kata (Kufu Dan No Kun / Ufo Dan No Kun spelling variation)

Waza: Geri Waza 6 & 7, Taezu-Naru Waza 3 & 4
Additional: Karate-ka must be able to perform contact block and strikes at full speed with control. Introduction to escapes and reversals while standing or on the ground

Brown - Sankyu 3rd Kyu - 1st Degree

Kata: Seiyunchin, Naifunchin, Bassai Dai

Waza: Geri Waza 8, 9 & 10, Taezu-Naru Waza 5 &10, O'Sensei Foster's Yin Yang Waza

Kumite: One-on-one full speed with control

Additional: Introduction to chokes and choke defenses

Black - Shodan - 1st Dan

Sho Shin Kan logo

Kata: No Hi, Nan Dan Sho (a/k/a Crane or Bird Kata), Kan Ku Sho (a/k/a Leopard or Leopard at the Water Hole) Ten Sho

Nidan - 2nd Dan

Kata: Go Pai Sho (Tiger Kata), Dan Enn Sho (Cobra, Snake, or Poison Hand Kata), Seipai (Dragon Kata)

Nikyu - 2nd Kyu - 2nd Degree

Iikyu - 3rd Kyu - 3rd Degree

Yellow - Shichikyu 7th Kyu


Belt - $10

Sho Shin Kan Certificate - $10

Yin Yang Do Certificate - $5

Age requirement - 18 years old

Age requirement - 21 years old

Minimum of 3 years as Shodan

Age requirement - 25 years old

Minimum of 4 years as Nidan

May be asked to demonstrate Kan Ku Sho, Go Pai, Sho, Dan Enn Sho or Sepai

Sandan - 3rd Dan

Age requirement - 30 years old

Minimum of 5 years as Sandan

Must have demonstrated significant contributions to the Arts and have demonstrated a desire to pass on the art.

Yodan - 4th Dan

Godan - 5th Dan

Age requirement - 37 years old

Minimum of 5 years as Yodan

Must have demonstrated significant contributions to the Arts and have demonstrated a desire to pass on the art.

Rokudan - 6th Dan

Age requirement - 45 years old

Minimum of 25 years as a black belt

Age requirement - 50 years old

Minimum of 5 years as Rokudan

Schichidan - 7th Dan

Hachidan - 8th Dan

Age requirement - 55 years old

Minimum of 5 years as Schichidan

Kudan - 9th Dan

Age requirement - 60 years old

Minimum of 5 years as Hachidan

Judan - 10th Dan

Orange - Hachi Kyu

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a ranking form PDF. Fill it out using Adobe Reader or Acrobat, and e-mail it back to, or print it out and bring it to class.

Upon testing a student will be notified if they passed. Payment can be made for a belt and certificates through Paypal, check or cash.

Paris Zamba, pictured at age 11. Now 12, she has advanced to Green belt ranking.

Sensei Scott Otter

Kazuo Hirayama, Schichdan, from Tokyo teaches students about joint locks.