Yoko geri (side kick) by Lake Michigan -洸Larry Zamba

The name Sho Shin Kan translates to '' the house of the beginner's mind'' or ''the house of the open mind.'' The beginners mind, or sho shin, is the gateway to experience. It means piercing through the thick layers of conditioning that we have accumulated over the years so we are more readily open to learning. It is important to maintain an open mind not only in karate but in daily life.

Principles - Dojo Kun

Karate begins and ends with courtesy

Actions have consequences

We lead by example

We are responsible

There is no excuse for bad manners

The mission of the Sho Shin Kan dojo is to improve peoples minds, spirit, and bodies by teaching the values of wisdom, honesty, courage, tenacity, loyalty, respect, responsibility and kindness. As we discipline the body, our minds develop. The much-hyped ability to apply a potentially lethal martial art technique in self-defense is a by-product of being in harmony, both mentally and physically, with these values.

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Hanshi Ridgely Abele